eOn Millennium PBX Systems
The Millennium is an extremely flexible PBX system capable of serving the needs of small, medium, and large businesses. It is a fully modular telecommunications system with PBX and key system feature application capabilities. The Millennium offers a seamless upgrade path up to 1,024 ports in any combination of stations or trunks, yet its compact and light so it can be wall mounted or installed in a 19 rack. It is end-to-end Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) compatible. Digital capability, universal ports, highly adaptable programmability, and architectural flexibility are inherent in system design. The Millennium and eOn Voice Processing System (eVPS) combination provides a fully integrated centralized voice mail solution.

Plexus Hybrid-key Digital Telephone Systems

Macro Plexus

Micro Plexus
The Plexus product line is comprised of two hybrid-key digital telephone systems: Macro Plexus and Micro Plexus. The systems are designed to satisfy a wide range of communications needs from home offices to medium-sized business offices. Both digital systems incorporate state-of- the-art digital technology. The unique, universal card-slot arrangement affords the highest level of expandability and flexibility. The Plexus digital systems are designed such that the Plexus key telephones are fully compatible between the two systems and standard single-line telephone devices are supported without the need for any special adapters. The Macro Plexus has the capacity for 128 universal ports (CO lines or telephone devices). A Micro Plexus system has capacity for 12 CO lines and 24 telephone devices. Either system will support an Integrated Voice Processor for voicemail capabilities.

Telephone / LAN / DSL / ISDN
Cable / Satellite

The modern business or home requires a plethora of cables to support voice, data, and multi-media systems. For best performance, these cables need to be installed as a structured cable system using proper techniques and tools. Whether your location is a large office complex, a small house, or anything in between, CEWIM has the experience and expertise to install a state-of-the-art cable system to meet your needs. Call us when planning new construction or renovation for help planning pre-wire or re-wire of cabling for your communications requirements.

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